University of Georgia

Athens is a college town, home to the University of Georgia, and when I passed through school was out and the town had a sleepy feel. The locals, however, insisted that it’s a whole other story when school is in session…

Founded in 1785, UGA was the first state-charted university in the United States. Steeped in history, the grounds are simply stunning & well worthy of a stroll whether school is in or out. 

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The University of Georgia Chapel.

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The ringing of the Chapel Bell is an iconic tradition for students & alumni alike.

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Situated in the centre of the north campus, Hefty Field is the University’s former home football field. Nowadays lush grass, gorgeous flowers & a stunning fountain reside in this historic spot.

Speaking of football, UGA is home to the Georgia Bulldogs. The bulldog mascot stems from the University’s founder & president, Abraham Baldwin, a former graduate of Yale with whom UGA had strong ties with in their early days. The official live mascot, Uga the bulldog, comes from a distinguish line of solid white English bulldogs bred in nearby Savannah, GA.

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University of Georgia, Athens, GA

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