Southern Soul Barbeque

As a lover of good BBQ this coastal smoking joint had been on my bucket list for quite some time but its location was alway out of reach – until now. Though technically not close to Orlando, FL, we took a slight detour en route to Savannah, GA & drove the three & a half hours required for a Southern Soul Barbeque fix.

Southern Soul BBQ

Housed in a former 1940’s gas station, the interior is small & gets kind of loud as the line of hungry people snakes along the bar while staff busy themselves taking, filling, & delivering orders, but that’s part of the charm. Instead we opted to sit outside at communal picnic tables where large wall-mounted fans wafted drool-inducing aromas, along with cool-ish air.

Southern Soul BBQ

Alas we timed our arrival with the lunch rush so as my two sat outside I joined the queue & marvelled at the extensive menu. With sandwiches, plates, family style, sides & daily specials, I was grateful for the extra choosing time, opting for the Southern Soul Meat Sampler. Comprising two meats, their signature Brunswick stew, & a side, I went kid-friendly & added fries to our order of brisket, pulled pork & mac’n’cheese.

Southern Soul BBQ

I gotta say, this was/is some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had & I’ll be sure to detour here more often – heck, I might just relocate to St. Simons Island & this could be my new local! There’s also a great selection of BBQ sauces to enhance the smoky flavours, such as their tangy tomato based Sweet Georgia Soul with its contrasting brown sugar sweetness (available to purchase as well on tables for flavour-adding). Looking forward to my next Southern Soul hit.

Southern Soul Barbeque, 2020 Demere Rd, St. Simons Island, GA


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