Speed’s Kitchen

Speeds Kitchen

Situated off the beaten track down a Spanish moss-overhung dirt road, I don’t recall how Speed’s Kitchen appeared on my radar but I’m sure glad it did. A no fuss converted-trailer restaurant, Speed’s has those kind of opening hours that have travellers such as myself cringing as they tweak their itinerary to find a window of opportunity. We managed to make it for a Sunday lunch (the only day they actually serve lunch), & though we had to wait a while for our fried shrimp, it was amongst the best I’ve ever had.

Speeds Kitchen

Despite it’s smallish size & rundown appearance, Speed’s has an extensive seafood-driven menu, it’s bound printed pages covered in black ink scrawl alerting of price changes and menu additions. Fancy, Speed’s is not, but for down-home low-country dining it’s well worthy of recognition.

Speeds Kitchen

I opted for the fried shrimp, which came as a meal with creamy coleslaw, french fries & hush puppies. As stated earlier, we had to wait a while, causing my two & me to chuckle that Speed’s was anything but, however everything is made fresh to order, ergo the wait time & the exceptional finished product.

Speed’s Kitchen, 1191 Speeds Kitchen Rd, Townsend, GA

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